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I have looked all over the net but could not find anything that would suit me. This is the output of me I have tried : 1) In cmd type dngb -1 and press enter2) In cmd type devenv /debug and press enter3) In cmd type devenv /debug /debugexecute It has not done much. It does not give the error message in the console but it just does not run the.dng. Can someone please post the solution for me or suggest me some other emulator please? cheers, Nandex PS:I have also tried downloading the Mma 2005 and 2006 but it did not work. Is there anything wrong with the.dng I have created?Have you compiled the source code?I could not find the.dng I created by using the 'compile without debugging' option.Could you please post the.dng you made using this 'compile without debugging' option? Edit1:I think you should try to use the Microsoft development tool kit if you want to debug a sample application.The Microsoft Development toolkit (MDT) enables you to debug your code as you write it using visual studio. You are not giving a valid command.I just gave you the command to show the error message in the debugger.It does not have anything to do with.dng.Can you please tell me the exact command that you used and what the error message is?Thanks. If you want to debug the application, you should use the Microsoft development toolkit (MDT) and this way, you will be able to debug the application as you write it. You can find out how to use this debugger here:How to debug a sample application You are not giving a valid command.I just gave you the command to show the




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Sentemul2010x64 Latest

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