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The Dream Team Collection is the perfect natural solution to help you get a better night's sleep and relax in the evening. This holistic collection combines comforting scents and calming oils that will help you drift off into a dreamy state of relaxation. Perfect for use with meditation, this collection makes a wonderful gift for any occasion. Let the Dream Team Collection be your go-to for a peaceful evening and an extra dose of relaxation.


Including wild lavender, frankincense and chamomile.

To soothe busy minds, massage the temple balm into temples and pulse points, inhaling the relaxing fragrance whenever a moment of peace is needed. 


Mixing plant butters and healing tamanu oil, our hand creambalm works to moisturise your skin and calm your senses. 


Spritz our iconic mist on your pillow before bedtime for your most relaxing slumber yet. It’s clinically tested and shown to improve sleep quality by 33% after just 7 days of use (amongst people with insomnia or sleep disorders). 

This collection contains:

  • So Sleepy pillow mist (30ml) 
  • Unwind hand creambalm (20ml) 
  • So Sleepy temple balm (10ml)

Dream Team Collection

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