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What is Holistic Therapy & What does "Holistic" really mean?

So many people would ask me, whats the difference? Why do you call yourself a holistic therapist rather than massage, beauty, skincare therapist or Reflexologist.

I completely understand why you would think that as I am/we, are all those things, but most importantly a holistic therapist overall, deep down.


So what does it mean?

Holistic Therapy means treating the whole person rather than just the individual symptoms. Crafted many centuries ago to treat not only your body, but the mind, spirit and emotions.

You will also see holistic treatments under the terms "complementary therapies" & "alternative medicine".

"Holistic" derives from the Greek word holos, meaning "whole".

Below are four areas of the "whole" body that holistic therapies help with:

Spiritual Health: Feeling disconnected, lost, you feel fragmented, emptiness feeling.

Emotional Health: How you feel, sad, worried, happy, angry.

Mental Health: Society & Limiting beliefs that can effect and/or cause anxiety, depression, stress to manifest.

Physical Health: Chronic pain, general aches and pains, fatigue, illnesses and tension.

"Never lose hope in the bodies ability to heal itself".


Sage Greene Holistic Treatments

The holistic therapies I offer at Sage Greene are a range of massage therapies, some incorporating the use of essential oils. Holistic facials using a range of ethically friendly products and ingredients alongside the use of crystal rollers and gua sha crystals. Lastly the use of Reflexology on the feet to treat and heal the four elements (I had mentioned above) of the body and aid to re-balance.

I am currently studying & waiting to complete my Reiki Level 2 for the use of universal healing for the "whole body" & my Meditation Teaching Diploma.


The use of holistic therapy and complementing other treatments

Its important to understand that holistic therapy can and will also complement the treatments of "western medicine" and never desregards the use of that.

Holistic therapies work wonderful alongside in their very own complementary way, this is then where the term "complementary therapies" comes into context.

Overall Holistic Therapy will help restore balance and harmony within the body as a whole whatever treatment and lifestyle you have or adapt to.

We are very lucky in Newtownabbey/Belfast to have so many Holistic Therapists and individuals who are here to share love, compassion and healing to all who enter there treatment room.

I know when im not carrying out my own treatments, I am more than likely having my own done to ensure the balance and harmony within my own being is recharged and treated.

I hope this post has been able to share some light for any of you that had asked me the question on what Holistic Therapy is and I have done somewhat justice on my answers.

Peace & Love