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About Me

My Story

Hello, Im Jodie, to those of you who haven't met me yet. I began my journey as a Beauty/Spa/Holistic Therapist back in 2012. Working in a range of beautiful clinics and spas. I then went back to higher education and gained my qualification in Spa Management, Aromatherapy & Reflexology.

I worked for a few years and then decided I wanted to go travelling. I travelled around many parts of Asia, Indonesia, Australia, New Zealand & also America. I was a way for a lot of months and that's where I fell in love with a much simpler, natural way of life. Learning about other cultures and their holistic methods to daily life really Intrigued me. 

After arriving home I then decided to study and focus more on what I have learned on this beautiful path and I have grew physically, mentally and spiritually. 
Sage Greene Holistic Therapy was born In August 3rd 2020 during a global pandemic. I used my platforms to promote selfcare, positive energies and even made some handmade aromatherapy products which has been lots of fun and has kept me engaged in my overall mission. The mission to offer holistic treatments through massage, natural skincare, reflexology & reiki energy healing. To help heal mentally and physically, promote overall health and wellness to you all. 

Currently Studying:

Meditation Teaching Diploma

Looking forward to meeting you all, Much love, Jodie Greene. 

Tropical Leaves

Fall In Love With Taking Care Of Yourself.

As Your Mindset, Habits and Routine Are The Magical Blend For Success Towards Your Wellness Goals.

Jodie Greene

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